Corporate and commercial law

You don't always have a lot of time to think matters over. Many conflicts have to be speedily resolved. We can help by applying our skills in drafting contracts, in both in-court and out-of-court conflict negotiations, and our ability to focus on what is important, even in extremely complex scenarios. Furthermore, we are proficient in innovative alternative dispute-resolution methods and, via our research department, we have special tools for obtaining information and enforcing claims. In this way we get to know our adversaries well and are able to launch a rapid and effective attack.
In addition, we provide your company with guidance and support for transactions, restructuring and reorganisation. The scale and country of the operation are immaterial to us. This is because our international network enables us to also assist with cross-border transactions. Moreover, we represent shareholders in all matters of corporate law. 

General advice in relation to corporate law, supervisory boards and boards of directors

Corporate transactions

Corporate law/post-transaction disputes

Professional liability, and directors' and officers' liability

Technical and legal interface for claims arising from defects

Contractual breaches, unlawful acts and product liability

Accidents and disasters/catastrophes/major losses