Labor law & data protection

We advise companies and executives on all areas of labor law and employee data protection. As a trustworthy advisor for managing directors, supervisory board members and managers, we will help you with all the legal issues that you may encounter as an employer. Put our proven expertise in collective and individual labor law to work for you.

We view law as a tool for shaping your operating environment. We will work closely with you to devise legal plans and solutions that are feasible, strategically expedient and make sense to you.

We work proactively, not reactively, and will advocate for your interests in conflicts with employees, worker representation organizations or government agencies – even going to court, if need be.

We specialize in labor law and employee data protection and, through constant collaboration with our colleagues in the White-Collar Crime & Compliance practice group, have developed a unique perspective on handling and resolving compliance cases.

We have particular expertise in collective labor law (industrial relations, collective bargaining and co-determination), occupational retirement plans and employee data protection.

HR departments at well-known corporations and executives trust our extensive experience and interdisciplinary approach.


  • Collective labor law (e.g. advising on industrial relations, co-determination and collective bargaining issues related to reorganizations, the drafting of shop agreements and relations with employee representation bodies)
  • Labor litigation (e.g. disputes related to protection against wrongful termination, lawsuits seeking damages from managers)
  • Pension and benefit disputes
  • Representation of directors, officers and managers
  • HR compliance (e.g. conducting internal investigations, preparing shop agreements on internal investigations, designing whistleblower policies, criminal labor law, Work-Place investigation (p.g. discrimination, #metoo cases etc.)
  • Employee data protection (drafting IT shop agreements, pursuing and defending against demands for information, defending clients who are accused of having violated the General Data Protection Regulation in administrative fine proceedings)
  • Privacy litigation (e.g. fine- / misdemeanor procedure, administrative proceedings with data protection authorities and data protection in the context of civil and labor law)