ORIZON Online Lecture - Compliance in Labour Law

Oliver Zöll (partner and specialist lawyer for labour law) spoke about compliance in labour law as part of the regular series of online lectures by the recruitment agency ORIZON GmbH.

The topic of compliance - i.e. conformity to rules and the law - moves companies.

HR managers and HR are often centrally affected, along with the compliance department and the management. This is because labour law itself creates many compliance requirements, e.g. in the area of short-time work, in the area of bogus self-employment and employee leasing or simply the observance of the works constitution.

In addition, many legal requirements, such as data protection, confidentiality, competition law, etc., need to be implemented in the labour law. also have to be implemented in employment relationships. And in cases of legal violations, such as corruption, embezzlement and theft, as well as other illegal corporate damages, employees are often affected as perpetrators, whistleblowers or witnesses.

The lecture provided an overview of typical case constellations and the compliance-relevant issues in labour law. If you are interested in the script, please contact me (o.zoell@ags-legal.com).