Dr. Alexander Hössl

Counsel / Attorney

Dr. Alexander Hössl

+49 69 / 76 80 73-133

AGS Legal
Senckenberganlage 19
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Talent grows with the significance of affairs



Dr. Alexander Hössl specializes in advising and representing his national and international clients in all areas of litigation and arbitration proceedings. His practice also focuses on advising clients in the run-up to proceedings, in particular on questions of securing claims.

In recent years, Dr. Hössl has represented numerous clients in a wide variety of industries, including the financial sector, the transport industry, and the infrastructure and technology sector. These large-scale disputes typically concern the enforcement or defence of claims in the areas of corporate law, commercial law and contract for work and services law.

Dr. Hössl also advises in the context of shareholder disputes and on questions of the liability of executive bodies.