Mission Statement

Settling disputes at the highest level.

  • We fight for our clients and view ourselves as a team: A win for our clients is a win for us; a defeat for our clients is a defeat for us. We want to win, not lose.
  • We don’t do everything. But what we do, we do well. As a highly specialized law firm, we concentrate on our specialist and tactical strengths. Our ambition is to be second to none.
  • Instead of acting as legal killjoys, we view ourselves as strategic counselors in difficult situations. We look for solutions, not problems, and provide fair, clear and honest advice.
  • We love what we do. And we do everything we can to ensure that never changes. First of all, we provide a supportive work atmosphere – an environment where everyone treats each other with respect and friendly goodwill. Second, we pull out all the stops so that our employees, attorneys and partners enjoy their work and are happy to come into the office.

Fierce. Fair. Honest.

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