Compliance and internal Investigations

We know what needs to be done if your company has been harmed by corruption, embezzlement or fraud, if you have to deal with fraudulent insolvency as an insolvency administrator or as an insolvency creditor, or if your industrial property rights have to be enforced against organised counterfeiting and piracy of products and brands. 
As a “new team of experienced experts”, we are the right partner for you in such sensitive and difficult situations. We will cover your back, strengthen your case and stand unwaveringly by your side. With our combined investigation team consisting of former public prosecutors, police detectives and research experts, as well as specialists in criminal law, civil law and corporate law, we will find the right strategy for you. This is helped by the fact that, unlike other law firms, we see ourselves as an interface between criminal law and civil law, and do not view these two areas as being distinct from one another.
If you need a secure strategy for handling the public and the media convincingly, we will also gladly assist you by providing detailed crisis management communication plans.

Internal investigations with lawyers 
and forensic specialists

Comprehensive corporate representation in investigations 
and criminal proceedings

Strong representation of victims of economic crime

Fraudulent insolvency

Liability law, representation in civil law cases concerning corruption, embezzlement and fraud

Counterfeiting and piracy of products and brands

Preventive compliance consultancy (audits, compliance diligence, compliance systems)